Is the worlds best tested spraycork (Euro class A rated) and is only available in the UK through Elite-Eco.

It is one of the best natural insulators that exists – it has a resistance to heat passage 30 times higher than concrete.

The Cork industry creates a sustainable, non-pollution economic activity that offers the global market a natural and ecological product.

The properties of cork makes Eco-Cork™️ a fantastic insulator against heat or cold Internally or externally.

Carbon reduction programs – for every 1 tonne of Eco-Cork™️ used on projects, there is a 70 tonnes sequestration of carbon. Certificates are issued with completed projects showing the total sequestration of carbon so companies can use this within their overall carbon footprint total.

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inhibits water penetration and weather elements. Benefits: this protective shield limits rot, mould, algae

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high elasticity avoids cracking or crazing. Benefits: Elite's Eco-Cork™️ covers and controls minor cracks, will not break or split, compensates for structure settlement and thermal expansion.

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Adheres to almost all surfaces

composed of micro-suction cups, Elite's Eco-Cork™️ adheres to almost any surface including wood, metal, concrete and plastics. Benefit: installation can occur on almost any surface.

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dirt seldom adheres to the surface but in the rare cases when it does the surface is easily washed. Benefits: surfaces remain vibrant and durable

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Sound Absorption

a natural capacity to protect against noise. Benefits: good acoustical and sound absorbing qualities allow for better living spaces.

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any colour tone can be added to the base colour. Benefits: allows for individualised and customised colours to suit any decorative requirements

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Mould resistant

due to its water-repellent and “breathing” properties, Elite's Eco-Cork™️ does not allow for mould or algae growth. Benefit: creates a cleaner, safer and healthier living environment.

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much like natural wine corks protecting the highest quality wines, the pore structures within. Elite's Eco-Cork™️ allow vapours to flow out but do not allow water in. Benefits: surfaces stay healthy, condensation is limited

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Thermal insulator

for only a 3mm thickness application , Elite's Eco-Cork™️ helps maintain a constant temperature within from external weather (both hot and cold). Benefits: along with energy savings, office buildings, homes, boats, motorhomes or any other structures will find a more comfortable environment to live or work in.

Our product 100 % natural: Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, after extracting the cork a new layer starts generating and 9 years have to pass until a new harvest can take place. That is made in a sustainable way and does not harm the tree which is never cut down or removed. The cork oak tree as also a remarkable capacity to retain carbon, that makes cork a naturally sustainable.

Shelter, shade, life and a natural resource with endless applications. These are just some of the gifts the cork oak gives us every day. On this national cork and cork oak day, we at Elite-Eco would like to share our gratitude for this amazing trees generosity, and the incredible gift that is cork – a sustainable, resilient, impermeable, hypoallergenic, renewable and innovative material that never ceases to amaze us.