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Elite-Eco is a leading specialist in producing eco-friendly coating and membrane materials for the construction industry. Elite-Eco would like to demonstrate the environmental benefits of their products and business activities via conducting a series of carbon assessments. Quantification of Elite-Eco’s carbon emissions puts them in a position to demonstrate their sustainability and environmental responsibility to their customers and the wider public; it allows them to make a measurable change to climate change emissions and facilitates achievement of Net-Zero Carbon (NZC).

Choose your Eco-friendly products and services wisely - use the Green claims code!

  1. Businesses must be truthful and accurate, they must live up to the claims they make.
  2. Meanings must be clear and unambiguous, a consumer should be able to see the that the message and credentials match.
  3. Information must not be omitted or hidden.
  4. Fair and meaningful comparisons should meet the same needs or be intended for the same purpose.
  5. Consider the full life cycle of the product, claims can be misleading where they don't reflect the overall impact of a product or service.
  6. Businesses should be able to back up their claims with robust, credible and upto date evidence.
  7. All Elite-Eco’s figures are independently assessed and quantified to BS EN ISO 14064-1 and the GHG protocol.

Award winning Elite-Eco is dedicated to the distribution of the UK's best innovative surface coatings which meet the needs of the entire UK construction industry. Our products are developed and driven by sustainability. Our company prides itself on these environmental credentials and has a vision to provide old and new buildings with a future of superior, high performance insulation and carbon negative solutions.

It’s been a long journey for us, we started our journey over 5 years ago as corksolutions, we created a whole new identity and forged our own path through a brand new industry.

We created new brands and diversified. We are determined to bring our vision and passion for what we do to the market.
  • New premises!
  • New applicator training courses!
  • A huge increase in the uptake of applicator courses booked!
  • Bigger presence in the industry!
  • Shortlisted for industry awards!
  • Home building and Renovation and build it A green heroes award by Kevin McCloud from channel 4’s “Grand designs”!

We keep it Eco-Friendly
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Elite Eco-corkTM

Cork Spray is a natural cork render for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Due to the harvesting process and it’s sustainability, our product has an amazing negative carbon sequestration. For every 1 tonne of Eco-Cork used, 70 tonnes of carbon is sequestered!

Elite Eco-RSM

RSM is a mix of rubber particles and additives that is available in four different colours, black, terracotta, green and grey. It is a spray applied, flexible and joint free membrane which sticks to the substrate. As a result leakage risk is reduced due to incorrect joining. RSM is a waterproof membrane that is perfect for flat roofs and terraces, it works perfectly without cracking.

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Elite Eco-Flect

Eco-Flect paint has been designed to reflect heat away from the substrate which allows the buildings temperature to be maintained. Used with our insulating Eco-Cork, temperatures can be reduced by at least 20 degrees.

Elite Eco-Corkboard

Completely sustainable external wall insulation system.

Eco-board is used as an external wall insulation which is then covered by our Eco-Cork which wraps the property providing a breathable warm blanket. This system can reduce energy costs by 30%.

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Elite Eco-Fill

Eco-fill is a multipurpose cork emulsion with additives for elastic and permanent bonding, filling joints or regularising layer.

Elite Echo-Quartz

Elite Eco-Quartz is a particle mixture, with different binders and additives. Its composition provides ideal qualities to be a swimming-pool coating or a coating for impact-risk or friction areas. Its high Quartz content endows a high resistance and hardness. Its application is ideal as a decorative finish both indoors and outdoors.

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Elite Eco-Cork Metallic

Eco-metallic is our new finish used in conjunction with Elite Eco-Cork to create a superb feature wall finish. Gold, silver, copper and steel can add a touch or sparkle to internal walls and still provide a category A fire retardant surface.