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Is a heat reflecting paint that can be spray, brush or roller applied (making it perfect for the DIY market). It contains recycled glass particles that reflect UV rays and heat. This makes it perfect for roofs, areas that are to be temperature sensitive (server rooms/electrical plant rooms/food storage etc).

White, waterproof and thermal insulation paint, based on acrylic resins in aqueous emulsion and glass microspheres. It is applied indoor and outdoor, it is left as an external finish. UV-resistant, without yellowing. It is specially formulated for waterproofing thermal insulation in facades and roofs. It reflects the sun’s rays and reduces the passage of heat into the indoor of the building, generating significant saving in energy consumption.

It avoids condensation indoor buildings caused by difference in temperature. Its mechanical properties, water resistance, reduce the formation of cracks, compared with other market products it stands out for its resistance to atmosphere agents and good adhesion to supports like as concrete, cement, plaster, brick and moist supports.

All can be used in conjunction with each other as layered systems.

Eg, Layer 1, Eco-Cork™️ for carbon reduction (70:1) and insulation (0.043w/m2K)

Layer 2, Eco-RSM™️ for waterproofing (UNE-EN 1062-3:2008) and insulation (0.212w/m2K)

Layer 3, Eco-FLECT™️ for heat reflection and insulation (0.066w/m2K)