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Elite-Echo Cork Spray

Cork Spray is a natural cork render that is taken from the Cork Oak Tree without cutting them. This Spray is used for new builds and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Showcased by Kevin McCloud presenter of TV’s C4 Grand Designs, it offers an eco-friendly and high performance alternative for plasterers and render companies.

Elite-Echo Rubber System Membrane

RSM is a mix of rubber particles and additives that is available in four different colours, black, terracotta, green and grey. It is a spray applied, flexible and joint free membrane which sticks to the substrate. As a result leakage risk is reduced due to incorrect joining. RSM is a waterproof membrane that is perfect for flat roofs and terraces, it works perfectly without cracking.

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Elite-Echo Quartz

Elite Eco-Quartz is a particle mixture, with different binders and additives. Its composition provides ideal qualities to be a swimming-pool coating or a coating for impact-risk or friction areas. Its high Quartz content endows a high resistance and hardness. Its application is ideal as a decorative finish both indoors and outdoors.

Elite Eco-Fill

Eco-fill is a multipurpose cork emulsion with additives for elastic and permanent bonding, filling joints or regularising layer.

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Elite Eco-Corkboard

Completely sustainable external wall insulation system.

Elite Eco Approved Double Helix Paddle

  • Maximum weight of product: 30-50 kg for mixing.
  • Diameter of the mixing blades: 150 mm.
  • Length: 590 mm.
  • M14 nut for connection to electric mixers.
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